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Birth With Confidence Classes:

“Hi Emma, thanks very much for everything. The class was great. We both learned a lot and more importantly, confirmed for ourselves we are on the right track. It was also nice to have a safe and open environment to explore items that may not be main stream enough for other types of classes. Thank you from both of us.”
“Dear Emma, Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and for making the arrival of little Hazel such an amazing experience.”
“Thank you so much for an amazing class! This is our third baby and we still learned so much from you. Awesome job Emma and thanks again!”
“Thank you Emma, not only for sharing your passion and knowledge about the miracle of birth but for your support and encouragement for an empowering birthing experience - I am grateful!”
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“Emma, you are amazing! Hopefully you weren't scared off by the long labour...we want you for our next baby too! Will be seeing you around and buying lots of your products as we love them all...”
“To Emma, I don't know how to thank you enough. All of your support was so appreciated. You helped me so much in a crazy time and it put me at ease to know I could lean on you (even if I didn't seem at ease to you ;). We have a beautiful baby now, thank you for helping us get him here.”
“Dear Emma, Tristan is already 16 weeks old, yet your incredible support is still very much on my mind. Thank you for being there for us, with all your knowledge, intuition and passion. Tristan is amazing and we love being his parents. Thank you for being part of our families strong foundations. With heart felt thanks....”
"Emma was my doula at two of my children's births as well as a close friend. She was caring, gentle and supportive. I was able to call her whenever I felt down or needed some reassuring throughout my pregnancies. During labour she would massage my back, get me drinks, give positive feedback and gave me space when I felt that I needed it. Just having her warm presence was more than enough. Having a knowledgeable person to guide me on my journey completed my childbirth experience. I am forever grateful..."
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